NHS County Durham and Darlington


Problem definition

This NHS Trust is a care provider in the North East of England. The Trust processes 500 scopes per month from a pool of over 270 devices.

The key problems the Trust dealt with:

- No traceability or testing logs for individual rigid scopes
- No ability of identifying faulty rigid scopes
- No accurate and single source of data available on the condition of rigid scopes in circulation, inventory types, serial numbers etc.
- Theatre time wasted due to a broken scope, resulting in additional costs
- Non-compliance with European MDR

NHS Durham-Darlington

Case Study

ScopeControl was installed in the Sterilization department, where it was integrated into the standard operating process for one month.

The NHS Trust made a ‘snap-shot in time’ of their current inventory, which provided valuable information that they used to make significant improvements to the overall quality and cost effectiveness of their rigid endoscope inventory.

The trial gave a detailed understanding of the costs and savings they could make by using ScopeControl within their every-day-workflow.


"£100,000 per year savings on Theatre time alone."

"Improved process with European MDR Compliancy"

“ Saved 12 hours of O.R. time” 



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